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Where is Abe? Cover
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Where is Abe? Cover
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SJ-R's Reader's Choice Winner!
Author Carla Mayernick
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Lincoln's Home
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Old State Capitol
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Cozy Dog
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New Salem
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Frank Lloyd Wright's Dana-Thomas Hse
Carla Wins "Best Local Author" Again!
by "The newspaper Mr. Lincoln used to read." SJ-R's Reader's Choice Award

Aspiration for Abe

In the summer of 2014, in a conversation with my son Shawn, he said: "Hey mom, you should write a children’s book about Abe Lincoln, illustrating all the sites around Springfield!”


I thought to myself. “Hmmm... could be a need and how timely to write the book in honor of the 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination.  Within minutes after talking to my son, a poem came to me!  Maybe, just maybe, this little inspiration was meant to be...”


Growing up in the Land of Lincoln, I have always been fascinated with Abe and loved all the field trips to Lincoln’s historical places. Just recently I discovered that I had a personal link to Abe: we found my Great Aunt’s genealogy book dating back to the 1300’s in Scotland. The family left Scotland for America in 1725. One descendent, George McNaught, moved with his wife in 1841 to a farm in McLean County Illinois. George and wife Nancy are my Great-Great-Great-Grandparents. George and Nancy regularly housed Abe, together with the lawyers and judges traveling with the 8th Judicial Circuit. During the 1840s and 1850s, the McNaught family became personal friends with all those riding the Circuit including Abe Lincoln!


On one of Abe’s frequent visits he tutored one of the younger McNaught sons, Joseph, using a “letter board.” Amazing what you learn when you search history, whether it’s about your family or a Springfield lawyer “who belongs to the ages.”


So I dusted off the paint brushes and started painting! Thanks to my daughter, Gigi, for her tremendous artwork, John, my husband, for his publishing skills and Shawn, my son, for the inspiration, but most of all, thank the Lord for the ability to pursue this aspiration of writing Where is Abe?


I hope you enjoy the book and find Abe in places you haven't looked before. Maybe you will find Abe in your “Family History Book”! 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my work.

God Bless, Carla

Childrens Book Author Illustrator Carla Mayernick
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Where Is Abe? Children's Book about Abraham Lincoln visiting Springfield, IL Landmarks

Can be found at the following retail locations:

Hy-Vee | 2115 S MacArthur Blvd Springfield, IL 62704

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Gift Shop | 112 N 6th St Springfield, IL 62701

Lincoln Home National Historic Site Gift Shop | 413 S 8th St Springfield, IL 62701

Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site | 15588 History Ln Petersburg, IL 62675

Wm. Van's Coffee House | 503 S 7th St Springfield, IL 62703
Studio on 6th | 215 S 6th St Springfield, IL 62701

Country Market Fresh Local Produce | 1610 Wabash Ave Springfield, IL 62704